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    If you have ever hoped that your best friend’s daughter, the girl next door or your son’s girlfriend would one day open a bid from Zeta Tau Alpha, you can take the first step by sending a voluntary Membership Information Sheet to the chapter at the schools she will attend.
    Kappa Xi Chapter

    Voluntary MIS forms help our collegians identify potential new members who already have an interest in ZTA—through you! The MIS form is available on the Sisters Only site, so log in to start the process. In the Resource Library, select "Recommend a Member." There you’ll find a link to the online MIS submittal form as well as PDF and Word document forms that can be printed out and mailed using a list of and the addresses for the alumnae advisors responsible for MIS forms at each collegiate chapter.

    Our chapters need those forms at least a month before their Formal Recruitment. If you want to find out when Recruitment begins on a particular campus, visit the chapter locator page, select the state and then the college or university. The chapter profile that appears should include the recruitment dates for that chapter. 

    NOTICE: Zeta Tau Alpha would like to make members aware of a new type of business that appears to simplify the recruitment process for potential new members (PNMs). These for-profit Internet sites offer to assist PNMs with obtaining references. They charge a fee for college-bound women to have reference letters written for them and sent to their respective chapters in an automated online format. Both Zeta Tau Alpha and the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) are aware of these sites, but do not support their use. College chapters and advisors are asked to alert their Province President if they receive one of these references and to not consider them as voluntary references.

    Zeta Tau Alpha does not endorse the use of any third-party business (whether or not they charge a fee) that offers to help PNMs obtain references for several reasons:
    · These third-party businesses place the responsibility for obtaining a reference with the PNMs, rather than with the chapter.
    · ZTA has resources available for alumnae to use for references.
    · There is no reason for PNMs to pay for references.
    · There is no way to verify that the writers of references from these websites are ZTA members.

    These third-party businesses require PNMs to supply the names and addresses of women from whom they seek references. If a ZTA receives a reference request from a third-party site, she should use instead one of the procedures outlined on this page and notify the PNM—if possible—that the Fraternity does not accept third-party references.

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