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Who's Your Daddy, Baby?Lisa McGrady Pell 
“Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?” 

Many mental health professionals say journaling is a source of therapy. Lisa McGrady Pell (Theta Chi Chapter, George Mason University) took writing about her personal struggles to the next level—she wrote a full novel.

Lisa’s book, “Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?” was inspired by her real-life story of searching for her biological father after discovering, through genetic testing for in vitro fertilization, that the man who had raised her, was not actually her father. The quirky, novel mostly parallels Lisa’s experience, but details including names and locations have been changed to help protect those involved.   

“It’s a medical mystery, and it’s also a family history,” Lisa said. The novel discusses the medical struggles and complications of in vitro fertilization as well as nuances in DNA and blood testing that made searching for her family history more difficult.

“I didn’t want to write about my story at first, but then as I talked to doctors, friends and people who knew my mother, everyone expressed such fascination with the story,” she said. “My mother and I used to be wonderful friends. It was almost like we were sisters. It was mind blowing to think something like this had happened and she hadn’t told me.”

As in real life, the novel also takes readers on Lisa’s journey of searching for a biological father and getting more acquainted with the rest of her family history. Along the way, myths perpetuated by her family for decades were exposed and humorous interactions with “potential paternal contenders from the swinging times of the 1950s” were had.

“There’s nothing quite like contacting a man and effectively asking him, ‘Do you remember that date 50 years ago?’” Lisa said. “I’ve found in my life when weird things happen, it’s best to ingest a little humor. And some of the stuff is downright funny. I wanted to make sure that came across in the book.”

More seriously, Lisa hopes that readers learn valuable information from “Who’s Your Daddy, Baby.” For her, the novel is about knowing your heritage and medical history. It is also a lesson in not taking yourself too seriously.

“When you are conducting a search like this, you really need to remember it’s not all about you,” she said. “There are potential siblings and other families involved, and you may be rocking their world too. People who are searching for biological parents and who are looking at adoption really encouraged me to write this book.”  

“Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?” was released for purchase on July 24, 2012, and has received strong reviews. For more information about the novel and to view special music videos created to promote it, visit www.lisapell.com.

Lisa is a charter member of ZTA’s Theta Chi Chapter at George Mason University and served as the colony president. She currently serves as a communications and program management consultant for an agency of the U.S. government. Prior to writing, “Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?” Lisa began writing a trilogy of novels that she expects to publish in the future. Based on the success of her promotional “Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?” music videos, she is also considering turning the novel into a musical. 


Y'all Twins?

Katherine King and Margaret King Maddox 
“Y’all Twins?” 

Identical twins, Katherine King and Margaret King Maddox, are used to doing things in pairs—from

“Y’all Twins” is a collection of stories recounting Katherine and Margaret’s childhoods from ages six to 12 in Oxford, Miss. Below is an excerpt from the book’s introduction. playing together as children to joining Zeta Tau Alpha at The University of Mississippi and now becoming authors.

“Our children requested that we write some stories of our childhood, stories that could be passed down to the next generation and those that followed. What started out as short stories of our antics soon escalated into a manuscript for publication. As we relived these tales, we wondered if other kids who were raised in our era may have experienced similar stories. Then we realized, probably not, because there were two of us and our childhood was quite unique. We are identical twins and that fact in and of itself was enough to set our childhood apart from others. We hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoyed remembering the tales and putting them into written form.”

“Y’all Twins?” was released in May 2012. For more information about the book, visit www.yalltwins.com.


The Compatibility Matrix

Heather Collins Grattan 
“The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities for YOUR Ideal Mate”  

Heather Collins Grattan (Gamma Iota Chapter, University of Florida) aims to help you find your perfect match in her new book, “The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities for YOUR Ideal Mate.”

After surveying 255 married and divorced couples for the book, Heather used her research to form the RESPECT Principle: Religion, Education, Spending, Politics, Environment, Chemistry and Togetherness. In the book, The Matrix is a grid that implements this principle and allows each area to be evaluated. Through this Matrix, Heather hopes to help singles and widowed people find their perfect mate.

“The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities for YOUR Ideal Mate” was released in October 2011. For more information, visit the book’s page on Amazon


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